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Last update: June 26, 2003
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RCT v1.0 April 18, 2003 Ren-Ren's Channel Tracker. RCT is used for tracking various data in a channel. In this early version, it tracks users who join/part/quit the channel, different nicks of users, and the time a user was last seen. It can display various channel stats in tables. Various channel commands (eg. !seen) are available for channel users. It can also auto-op or auto-voice users.
RFN v3.51 July 8, 2002 Ren-Ren's Fserve Navigator. Fserve navigation with advanced features.
RFS v1.2 June 26, 2003 Ren-Ren's Fileserver. A versatile file server (Fserve) script.
Nabiki^sRPG Preview March 3, 1998 This is the preview version for my old project: Nabiki^sRPG. It is basically a Final Fantasy type game played with mIRC. Project has been dropped because it was just too much work for one person.
FRX v6.1 Jan 24, 1998 You know the SOUND CTCP with MID and WAV files? This script lets you do that with any files, with tons of great features.
nOthello v1.0b Feb 14, 1998 Play Othello with other people on IRC! Design your own bitmaps for boards and pieces.
FunctioNX v1.0 Nov 2, 1997 This is basically a function key manager, originally intended as an add-on for FRX.
ClipX v1.0 Nov 24, 1997 This script acts as a clipbook, keeping track of previous clips in your Windows clipboard.
Games X v1.5 Dec 4, 1997 This script is a game script to play card games that I wrote. Current games available: Crazy 8, Big 2 and Stortok.
PingX v1.1 Oct 10, 1997 This is a script that sends any CTCP (eg. Ping, Time) to specified group of targets and displays /whois information and CTCP replies organized in a custom window. But frankly, this script needs work.

I'm Adrian Au (Ren-Ren). This page (opened on Nov 2, 1997) contains mostly mIRC scripts. I wrote these scripts because I like scripting. I put them here so people can see what scripts can do. Hey, a few might even find some use for them. Don't rip off the scripts though. I did work hard on them. Please consider making a donation. Just click on the PayPal Logo at the top.

What's New:

June 26,
RFS v1.2 released. Fixed some things, including the bug of queues stopping when receiving files, and got rid of the "please download original version" bug.
June 6,
isoHunt was nice enough to put a link to RFN :) Thanks!
April 18,
RCT v1.0 released. Some bug fixes and added a little something ;) I think it's stable enough to be called v1.0.
April 2,
Made a typo in RCT so the nick change tracking is screwed up. -_- I'll put a new version up later. Sorry for not replying to a lot of emails. I'm bogged down with the amount of emails and real life. I'm still tinkering with RFN but much less than I could before. You can ignore the error message that pops up when the script starts. Plus other minor problems here and there. Mostly because of the changes in the newer versions of mIRC. One user reported that the antivirus program he had on made RFN freeze because it kept checking file accesses. Thanks for the info. That's all for now!
February 4,
Took too long a break from scripting. Very lost in trying to figure out RFN and RFS so I can work on them again. -_- Anyways, Added a new script Ren-Ren's Channel Tracker (RCT) (nothing to do with root canal treatment). Also noticed that the /unload command in mIRC only works for short filenames. Therefore, since several files in RFN and RFS are long filenames, they won't unload properly. No big deal. Just need to manually unload them.
October 17,
I've received reports that RFN gives an error message that it's been modified if you use it with mIRC v6.03. Just ignore the message. Sorry! It may be happening with RFS too, since it uses the same script formatting.

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