nOthello is short for NK's Othello... or Nabiki^sKnight's Othello. Yeah, not a very exciting name, but better than the X's I put on my other scripts. Heck, think of the n as standing for Net then. Anyways, this is a two-player board game that can be played by people on the same computer, through DCC connection, socket connection or simply an IRC server connection. You can also change the way the board and pieces look.

Othello is a two-player game, each player a different color. The object is to have more discs of your color on the board at the end of the game.

Rules are simple. Each player takes turn placing a disc of his/her own color. A move is only valid if there is at least one of the opponent's color beside it. The player acquires every opponent disc between the disc played and a previously played disc of his/her color. The game ends when no more moves are possible, and whoever has the most discs wins!

Current version: nOthello v1.0b (mIRC v5.3 and above)
Note that the script includes two bitmaps, one of Ranma-chan and one of Nabiki from the anime Ranma½. * Note that Ranma½ and characters (Nabiki and Ranma-chan) from Ranma½ and their pictures are copyright of Takahashi Rumiko and Shogakukan-Kitty-Fuji TV.

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