Ren-Ren's Fserve Navigator

Ren-Ren's Fserve Navigator (RFN) is an mIRC script that makes finding files and getting files from IRC file servers (fserves) easier than ever. RFN is very versatile and extensively customizable with its many abilities and options. These are the main features:

  1. Advanced point-and-click interface to navigate Fserves, with file sorting by filename or size.
  2. Internal queue for automated downloading, extending any Fserve's queue limitation, with broken send retry ability.
  3. Fserves and XDCC catcher, sorted by user-specified criteria, and searchable with keywords and phrases.
  4. User-adjustable ad and trigger filter.
  5. Explorable offline Fserve cache directories, from which files can be added to internal queue.
  6. Auto-DCCAllow system with internal DCCAllow queue.
  7. Add-on system with add-ons like DCCAllow Editor, Timer Editor, and Hash Table Editor.
  8. Logging of queued/failed/received files for individual Fserves.
  9. Custom Fserve commands with parameter support.

Current version: Ren-Ren's Fserve Navigator (RFN) v3.51 (mIRC v6.02 and above)
Download v3.51

RFN v3.3a if you're using older versions of mIRC (mIRC v5.81 and above):
Download v3.3a
Nicklist Popup add-on for RFN v3.3a

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