Filerunner X

Simply put, you can run any file and send a CTCP to the channel/query/DCC chat window to request the people on the other side to run that same file (same as what /SOUND does with WAV and MID files). With FRX, any file can be run as long as it has an extension (eg. mp3, mp2, wav, mid, avi, txt, etc.), even files with spaces. Files can be run through drag-and-drop from Explorer or File Manager, the Recent Files list, the Favourite Files list, or the FRX Run command.

The script lets you associate an unlimited number of file extensions (any length) with the following abilities/advantages:
  1. You can run the files and send CTCP using:
    1. drag and drop of files into channel/query windows
    2. the Recent Files list
    3. an organized Favourite Files list with "subdirectories"
    4. a scheduled or quick timer
    5. the FRX Run File command
  2. You have the option to send a user-defined CTCP when a file is run and to listen for CTCP files with the set extensions.
  3. You can listen to more than one CTCP for each extension, without having to set a new association for each CTCP.
  4. You have the option to send CTCP only to selected nicks in the nicklist of a channel.
  5. You can specify a program to run files with a particular extension.
  6. You can specify a default starting path to look for files with each extension.
  7. More than one path can be specified for searching when CTCP is received. The file will be searched under the specified directories and their subdirectories. mIRC by itself can only search a single directory and its subdirectories for your WAV and MID files.
  8. Long filenames and filenames with spaces can also be run (mIRC SPlay and Sound commands cannot do this). However, note that the FRX files themselves must be stored in paths with no spaces in them!

Current version: Filerunner X (FRX) v6.11 (mIRC v5.3 and above)

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