With GX, you can play Crazy 8 (a card game similar to Uno) and other card games on IRC with other people who have this add-on. One person acts as the host, so that all game information is stored on his/her computer. This is to avoid the problem of having desynchronized information between players when splits/disconnections/etc. occur. The cards are encoded, but of course, if the host really really wants to and has some time to go through the script, he/she can figure out a way to decode them.

The G stands for Games. I originally wanted to make a script that would load different games. There are currently three games for it: Crazy 8 (which comes with the script), Big 2 and Stortok.

Current version: GamesX (GX) v1.5 (mIRC v5.1 and above) or GX v1.4 (mIRC v5.02)
Please note that GX v1.5 will only work with the new versions of game scripts (v1.5).
Download v1.5
Download v1.4

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