Ren-Ren's Fileserver

Ren-Ren's Fileserver (RFS) is a versatile file server (Fserve) script for mIRC. These are some of the main features:

  1. Support unlimited Fserves, each with as many triggers as you want and completely user-designed Fserve ads.
  2. Each Fserve has many settings you can adjust (like max file size, max queue and send, individual max queue and send, max online, min and max CPS)
  3. Login support with username and password for different access.
  4. Schedule individual Fserves to be online/offline at different times on different days.
  5. Send files directly to IP instead of nickname.
  6. Restrict Fserve access to ops, half-ops, voiced, regular or any combination thereof.
  7. Anti-camping.
  8. Prevent off-channel access to Fserve and files.
  9. Search engine to find files/directories with quotes " support (eg. @Find, @Locator).

Current version: Ren-Ren's Fileserver (RFS) v1.2 (mIRC v5.91 and above)

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