Ren-Ren's Channel Tracker (RCT) v1.0

Copyrightę 2003 by Adrian Au. All rights reserved.

The latest version can be found at: (Backup:

I'm very interested in knowing how many people actually use this script. If you find the script useful, please send me an email with your name/nick, network, and any comments/suggestions. Thanks! My email is:

If you want to be notified of new versions, please let me know in the email.

RCT is free for you to download and use. Please don't rip it off. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy writing, testing and improving my scripts. Although free, if you find RCT useful and want to reward my hard work, please consider making a donation. Thanks! :)



Last updated on April 18, 2003


RCT is used for tracking various data in a channel. In this early version, it tracks users who join/part/quit the channel, different nicks of users, and the time a user was last seen. It can display various channel stats in tables. Various channel commands (eg. !seen) are available for channel users. It can also auto-op or auto-voice users.

The script was tested on DALnet and CoolChat using mIRC v6.03 32-bit on a Windows 2000 Pentium 4 2.40GHz system. RCT may or may not work correctly in other versions of mIRC. There is no guarantee that the script will work 100% correctly. Use this at your own risk. Remember, if it hangs, press Ctrl-Break.

The script consists of: rct-sys.mrc

rctdoc.htm is the file you're reading. The license agreement is in rct-license.txt.

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Extract the files into a directory (preferrably one without spaces in the name). Open mIRC v6.03 (or above). Then type the following command in any mIRC window (replace "C:\mIRC\RCT\" with the directory you extracted the script to; the quotes are only needed if there are spaces):

/load -rs "C:\mIRC\RCT\rct-sys.mrc"

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RCT stands for Ren-Ren's Channel Tracker. It has absolutely nothing to do with root canal treatment. :)

Thank you for trying Ren-Ren's Channel Tracker. Feel free to tell your friends about it. If you find RCT useful, please consider making a donation via PayPal. If you find a bug or think of a cool feature, you can send me an email at or tell me on DALnet or CoolChat IRC. I use the nick Ren-Ren.

For now, there is only one CTCP command the script responds to: RCT Version
The response is: RCT-Version [script name and version] [page address]

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License Agreement: RCT is released as freeware. RCT may be distributed freely only in its entirety and as long as the files remain unmodified. RCT may not be sold or distributed as part of any product or package without express permission from the author. RCT is provided as is without warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. The author cannot be held responsible for any possible damage from the use of RCT. The user must assume the entire risk of using RCT.

I spent an enormous amount of time and energy on this. Please don't copy the script or any of its portions and call it your own.

RCT and all materials included in the package Copyrightę 2003 by Adrian Au. All rights reserved.

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