ClipX v1.2 by Adrian Au

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HTML version created on November 27, 1997. Last updated on January 29, 1998


ClipX works like a clipbook. It keeps track of previous Clipboard contents (text only) using the @ClipX window (ie. the ClipX list) and an update timer. Clips can be copied, run, sent to your browser, or saved/loaded. Other features include Lock (keeping specified text in the clipboard) and Auto-Capture (automatically sending channel/query text/action to the ClipX list if user-defined trigger(s) are found in the text/action). With the Desktop and On Top options, you can use ClipX with other applications while having mIRC minimized.

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clipx.iniThe main script.
clipx.docThe help document file in DOC format.
cxdoc.htmThe help document file in HTML format.

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Simply load clipx.ini into your remote events (replace c:\clipx with your path):

/load -rs c:\clipx\clipx.ini

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ClipX keeps track of previous clipboard contents by using the @ClipX window. When you close the @ClipX window, the previous contents are cleared and only the current clipboard content is left. If you have the Hide option turned on, however, the @ClipX window can never be closed but is only hidden.

To open the @ClipX window, use the ClipX command in the menubar or the @ClipX-Info window, or type:


Note that opening the @ClipX window automatically starts the update timer and closing @ClipX automatically stops the timer.

The titlebar of the @ClipX window shows whether the first entry is in the clipboard ( On ) or not ( Off ). It also shows the timed update interval if the timed update is on.

The @ClipX window has an editbox. Any text entered here is sent to the clipboard and placed at the top of the ClipX list.

To open the @ClipX-Info window, use the ClipX-Info command in the menubar or the @ClipX window, or type:


The @ClipX-Info window is where messages are displayed and where you can change options.

The mIRC $cb identifier can only take 256 characters. Therefore, that is the limit for each entry in the ClipX list. Furthermore, the $cb identifier only returns text before the first "carriage return". This only affects the previous @ClipX entries and does not affect the text currently in the clipboard.

You can find out another person's ClipX version by typing (replacing Ren-sleeping with the target's nick):

/CTCP Ren-sleeping .ClipX

Pop-Up Commands:

ClipX adds the commands ClipX and ClipX-Info to the Menubar pop-up that can be used to open the two windows respectively.

ClipX adds one command to the Channel NickList pop-up:

* To ClipX
This sends the selected nick(s) to the ClipX list, with the final nick in the top of the list.

@ClipX Commands:
The @ClipX pop-up menu is dynamic. Only relevant commands are shown.

* Copy
This copies the selected entry to the clipboard and moves it to the top of the ClipX list. The @ClipX window is then minimized. This command is only available if an entry is selected.

* Delete

* Selected
This removes selected entries from the ClipX list. The first entry can only be removed if it is not currently in the clipboard.

* All
This clears all entries from the ClipX list. Only the current clipboard content remains.

* Others
* Edit
This puts the selected entry into the @ClipX editbox so you can easily edit it and then put it back into the clipboard.

* Lock
This toggles lock/unlock of a specific entry in the ClipX list. The command locks the selected entry if it is not currently locked, or unlocks the entry if it is currently locked.

When a clip is locked, clips copied/cut into the clipboard thereafter will be automatically transferred to the ClipX list while the locked clip will always be placed in the clipboard and at the top of the ClipX list. Use caution with this feature. The clipboard contents that are automatically transferred to the ClipX list are subject to the 256-characters limit and the text-before-first-carriage-return limit (see Known Issues). This command is only available if an entry is selected.

* Load
This loads text to the ClipX list. If there are no empty slots in the ClipX buffer left, you must either remove some entries from the buffer or increase the buffer size (under Options) first. If the file has more lines than there are empty slots in the buffer, you must specify the starting line to load (Enter nothing to cancel).

* Save
These commands are only available if there are entries in the ClipX list.

* Selected
This saves selected entries in the ClipX list to a specified filename. You can append to existing text files. This command is only available if an entry is selected.

* All
This saves all entries in the ClipX list to a specified filename. You can append to existing text files.

* Send To
These command are only available if an entry is selected. The @ClipX window is minimized after these commands.
* FRX or * Run
The FRX command runs the entry using another script I wrote: FRX (File Runner X). This command is only available if FRX is loaded. The Run command runs the entry normally using the Windows default program for the extension. These commands are only available if the entry is an existing file.

* Browser
This loads up the entry in the internet browser specified in the mIRC options.

* Refresh
This updates the ClipX list a single time.

* Sort
This sorts the entries in @ClipX in alphabetical order. Note that if the current clipboard content is in the entries, it is placed at the top of the ClipX list. This command only appears if there are two or more entries in the list.

* ClipX-Info
This opens the @ClipX-Info window.

@ClipX-Info Commands:

* Show
This shows the entire selected line in the @ClipX-Info listbox, in case the width is too narrow to view certain lines. This command is available only if an entry in the listbox is selected.

* AutoCap
These commands control the auto-capturing ability of ClipX. If a trigger is found in any text/action sent to you in a channel or query, the entire text/action (plus the person's nick) is sent to the ClipX list. It is not automatically sent to the clipboard. Note that you cannot trigger the auto-capture in a channel.

* Show
This shows the currently set triggers for auto-capture in the active window.

* Add Trigger
This adds a trigger for auto-capture. Triggers cannot contain a period (.).

* Delete Trigger
This removes a currently set trigger for auto-capture. Enter . to remove all triggers. This command is only available if there are triggers currently set.

* Unload
This unloads @ClipX.

* Help

* Document
This loads the ClipX document in DOC or HTML format depending on the set option.

* Homepage
This loads the homepage (Adrian's Little Place on the Web) for information on this and other scripts by me (Adrian Au).

* ClipX
This opens the @ClipX window.

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* Program

* Default Program This restores the default program options. Note that the Clip Lock option is not affected.

* Clip Lock
This locks/unlocks the selected @ClipX entry.

* Update
This toggles the timed update on/off. @ClipX uses a timer to update the list at set intervals. Note that the timer is automatically turned off when you close @ClipX and turned on when you open @ClipX.

* Interval
This changes the frequency of the timed update. By default, the ClipX list is updated every 2 seconds.

* Buffer
This changes the ClipX buffer size (in number of entries). The default buffer size is 100 entries.

* AutoCap
This toggles the auto-capturing feature on/off. This is off by default.

* AutoSave
If this toggle is on, the @ClipX buffer is saved to a file called clipx.txt whenever you close the @ClipX window. If a previous file exists, it is overwritten.

* DClick

* Show
This shows what alias double-clicking on the @ClipX window performs.

* Set
This sets what double-clicking on the @ClipX window does. By default, double-clicking copies the selected entry to the clipboard and places it at the top of the ClipX buffer.

Aliases that you can set as the DClick include:

/clipxchkSingle update of the ClipX list.
/clipxcopyCopy selected entry to the clipboard and place it at the top of the ClipX list.
/clipxdelDelete selected entry from the ClipX list.
/clipxeditPlace the selected entry in the @ClipX editbox.
/clipxnetLoad the selected entry with the internet browser.
/clipxloadLoad a text file into the ClipX list.
/clipxsave aSave entire ClipX list into a text file.
/clipxsave sSave selected entries into a text file.
/clipxupdateToggle the Update option.
/clipxintChange the update frequency.
/clipxbufChange the ClipX buffer size.
/clipxopt 5Toggle open @ClipX on desktop.
/clipxopt 4Toggle open @ClipX on start-up.
/clipxunloadUnload ClipX.
/cliphelp dLoad this help document.
/cliphelp hLoad the homepage (NK's Corner) with the internet browser.

For other aliases, please examine the script clipx.ini starting with line 474.

* Window
* Default Size/Pos
This restores the default sizes and positions of the @ClipX and @ClipX-Info windows. * Default Window
This restores all default window options except for window sizes/positions.

* Start-Up
This toggles starting ClipX (opening @ClipX window and starting update timer) on mIRC start-up. By default, this is on.

* Desktop
This toggles opening the @ClipX window on the desktop. By default, this is off.

* On Top
This toggles keeping the @ClipX window always on top if it is on the desktop. This option has no effect if the Desktop option is off. This is on by default.

* Hide
This toggles whether to hide the @ClipX window and prevent it from truly closing. While hidden, @ClipX can continue to keep track of clipboard changes. This is on by default.

* Listbox
This changes the @ClipX-Info listbox width. The default setting is 10.

* Other
* Default Other
This restores the default options in this section.

* Doc Form
This toggles the ClipX document format between DOC and HTML. The default is DOC.

* Color 1
This changes color 1. The default setting is 14 (gray).

* Color 2
This changes color 2. The default setting is 10 (teal).

* Menubar
This toggles the Menubar pop-up on/off. This toggle is on by default.

* NickList
This toggles the NickList pop-up on/off. This toggle is on by default.

* Channel
This toggles the Channel pop-up on/off. This toggle is on by default.

* Query
This toggles the Query pop-up on/off. This toggle is on by default.

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Just use the Unload command in the @ClipX popup.

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Please do not alter the script or include in other scripts without permission from the author.
Distribute freely. Do not charge for it please.
And of course, I'm not responsible for any damage this script may cause to your softwares, hardwares or health.

Send comments/suggestions/bug reports to Adrian Au at

Script by: Adrian Au
Date: January 29, 1998

Nabiki's Castle (
Adrian's Little Place on the Web (

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* Specifications:
For use with mIRC v5.3 or 5.31. Later versions of mIRC may or may not work.

The following are permanent (or semi-permanent) variables:

The %clpx variable:
1@ClipX window size/position
2@ClipX-Info window size/position
3@ClipX-Info listbox width
4Start-Up option
5Desktop option
6Hide option
7Always on top option
8Color 1
9Color 2
10Doc Form option
11Update interval
12AutoSave option
13Buffer size
14AutoCap option

The %cxpopopt variable:
1Program Options collapsed/uncollapsed
2Window Options collapsed/uncollapsed
3Other Options collapsed/uncollapsed

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v1.2January 29, 1998
Options|Window|Default and Save commands and the /ClipXSaveW alias are dropped. @ClipX window size and position are saved when you close the window.
The timer is now automatically stopped when you close @ClipX and automatically turned on when you open it again.
Modified Help|Homepage command to prompt for mIRC browser if it is not set already.
The HTML version of the document is now included.
Dropped the following permanent/semi-permanent variables: %clpxint %clpxtime %clpxw %clpxbuf %clpxdclick %clpxopt. They are now placed into a single variable (%clpx).
Added command to restore Default options.
Added @ClipX-Info window.
Moved options to @ClipX-Info listbox.
Added option to change @ClipX-Info listbox width.
Added Show command in @ClipX-Info to show the selected listbox line in case it is too long for the listbox width.
Moved AutoCap, Help and Unload commands to @ClipX-Info pop-up to reduce clutter in @ClipX.
Added ClipX-Info and ClipX commands to @ClipX and @ClipX-Info respectively to open the corresponding window.
Changed how @ClipX (and @ClipX-Info) are refreshed after using the Desktop option or the Default command.
Added Hide option.
Added AutoSave option.
Added check for valid path and filename in Others|Save commands.
Added ClipX-Info command to Menubar pop-up.
Added Color options.
Added options to turn on/off Menubar and NickList pop-ups.
Fixed bug of showing triggers in gray rather than no-color.
Organized options into Program, Window and Other options and implemented collapsible tree for display.
Added Default command for window size/position (under Window Options).
The AutoCap|Delete Trigger command no longer appears if no triggers are currently set.
Fixed bug @ClipX not staying hidden and titlebar not showing correct status after changing Desktop option.
Added On Top option (applicable only if Desktop option is on).
@ClipX-Info now opens on desktop if Desktop option is on (toggling the option does not move @ClipX-Info to the desktop and back though).
Changed default buffer size to 100.
Added Sort command.
Added Channel and Query pop-ups and the options to turn them on/off.
v1.1December 6, 1997
No longer automatically place first line into clipboard when loading a saved file of clips.
Can no longer delete the first line in the ClipX buffer unless it is not currently in the clipboard ( Off ).
No longer automatically place first line into clipboard when deleting first entry in ClipX buffer.
Added Buffer Size option.
Added check for loading files with more lines than empty slots in the ClipX buffer.
Added check to skip over blank lines in loading files rather than stopping at blank lines.
Added a temporary message window (@ClipX-Message) that automatically closes after processing of commands.
Added Show DClick command.
Got rid of clipx.txt.
Fixed bug of evaluating variables and identifiers when loading files.
v1.0November 24, 1997
First released version.
Adds ClipX to the menubar pop-up.
Adds To ClipX to the NickList pop-up menu.
The @ClipX pop-up menu:
--- Selected
--- All
--- Edit
--- Lock
--- Load
--- Save
------ Selected
------ All
Send To
--- FRX or Run
--- Browser
--- Master
--- Show
--- Add Trigger
--- Delete Trigger
--- Update
--- Interval
--- Desktop
--- Start-Up
--- DClick
--- Window
------ Default
------ Save
--- Unload
--- Document
--- Homepage

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  1. The ClipX list is the @ClipX window. Once the @ClipX window is closed, the the previous entries are gone unless the Hide option is on (in which case the @ClipX window is never truly closed).
  2. The script uses the mIRC $cb identifier, which can only take 256 characters and only returns the text before the first carriage return. This only affects the previous @ClipX entries and does not affect the text already in the clipboard (unless you use the Lock feature, which automatically transfers non-locked clipboard contents to the @ClipX list).

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